Three Different Resume Types

Three Different Resumes - Three Different Prices

1) The Royce of Resumes  $59.99 

The Royce is a customized job specific resume outlining your knowledge and skills which are compared to the wants and needs of the employer.  Our team will thoroughly research the targeted employer along with the job listing.  Your Royce Resume will be so compelling that it will make the recruiter's decision to book you for an interview that much easier. 

The Royce Resume will also include a personalized cover letter.  Many recruiters tell us that the cover letter is equally, if not more important as the resume.  Your customized cover letter will get your resume read. 

Along with the Royce Resume and cover letter, you will get 20 minutes of live coaching before your interview. Your personalized Royce Resume will be thoroughly researched, composed and proofed before being emailed to you in PDF format. The usual time is within 2 - 3 business days. 



2) Value Proposition Resume $39.99

The Value Proposition Resume or VP package includes a cover letter. It is a semi researched document which highlights your education, knowledge, skill set and aptitude. This package is a good fit when applying internally within your current organization or if an external employer is aware of your interest in filling their job posting.  This package is handy if the employer is required to use a competition method as the selection process. 

The VP package including cover letter will be custom written, proofed and emailed to you in a PDF format within 2 - 3 business days. 


3) The Basic Bare Bones $19.99 

If you have been booked for an interview, then a Bare Bones Resume maybe all you need. Employers recognize when someone has taken the time and effort to have a professional resume and cover letter written.  This will give you an advantage over homemade styled resumes. 

The Bare Bones Resume is a non-job specific generic document written in a professional style. 

The Bare Bones Resume is not researched but can be useful as a letter of introduction, but little more. You will receive a basic cover letter of introduction and a summary of your education and work experience.

We recommend the Bare Bones Resume only as an informal introduction. Experience has taught us getting an interview from a generic resume like Bare Bones will be modest at best.

Your resume will be emailed to you within 1-3 business days using a PDF file.